About Billy Joe

Billy Joe Hunter is a composite North American who moved to Costa Rica. His many traits have been taken from numerous Facebook and blog posts of people who toy with moving to Costa Rica and people who live here. No connection to anyone living or dead is intended.

Billy Joe could be called a redneck by some but, like the term “Gringo,” the term “redneck” is not intended as derogatory. It describes an American white male who grew up in the South and who enjoys the down home lifestyle. Billy Joe is very proud of who he is and what he believes in.

Billy Joe’s experiences in Costa Rica may help those who are contemplating a move there to look at their actions in a different light.

Billy Joe’s blog  is intended to be a continuing series detailing his adventures and mishaps in Costa Rica. It begins with Billy Joe’s many misconceptions about living in the Central American country that some still confuse with Puerto Rico (the island).

Follow Billy as he learns about living in a whole nother country (apologies to Texas).


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