Zipping through the Monteverde Cloud Forest above the big hairy spiders

Billy Joe Hunter here. Me and Chester are in the Monteverde Cloud Forest, where clouds come from.

Someone else zipping along.

Someone else zipping along.

Today, we did something called a Zip Line where they strapped us into some bondage-type harnesses (don’t ask me how I know that) and sent us flying along a metal wire above the jungle.

This is one time I wish I had my gun with me cause I was thinking that would be a great way to hunt jungle animals. I sort of enjoyed sailing over the jungle going from tree to tree, but Chester is afraid of heights and he screamed the entire way. When we got to the second tree, he wanted to stop and walk back but Jose, the zip line helper, told us you can’t stop once you start because there’s no way back through the jungle. He spoke pretty good English, which is good because if something went wrong I wouldn’t have been able to understand what he was saying in Costa Rican.

This is what can happen if you're not strapped in properly.

This is what can happen if you’re not strapped in properly.

I saw this woman upside down on the zip line and I figured her harness came  loose. She made it OK, though.

I suggested they get a bunch of fake monkeys and parrots and put them in the trees that we flew over to kind of spice up the ride. For reasons I don’t understand,  nobody seemed to cotton to my idea.

We also went to an ecological preserve, reserve or sanctuary. I can’t remember which one and I kinda wonder what’s the difference between them? And how do the animals know it’s a sanctuary for them, if they can’t read the signs? This place had all kinds of animals and really big, hairy black and orange spiders.

Just so you believe me about the spiders.

Just so you believe me about the spiders.

Chester almost fainted when the guide used a sick to coax the giant spider out of its hole.  The last think we needed was a pissed-off giant hairy spider after us. I think the Costa Rican word our guide used was “tuh-RANT-you-la.” I guess that means “spider” in Costa Rican.

We also saw a black monkey called a howler monkey. The monkey wasn’t very friendly but maybe that’s because he has to live in a place with giant hairy spiders.  Chester making like a monkey by jumping around with his hands tucked in his armpits going “hoo, hoo, hoo” probably didn’t help, either. Chester looked more like he was doing the funky chicken than doing a monkey imitation.

ecologicalsanctuaryOh, I almost forgot. This place had a sign for Ben Veneedos, too. That Ben really gets around.  Also, there are so many places to eat in and around the village. I wanted to order a casado but I was afraid people would think I was saying Chester and I are married, so we skipped that. Chester asked for fried shrimp everywhere we went but we ended up always having something we couldn’t pronounce but that was very tasty and Costa Rican. Also, they had that good imported coffee everywhere, too.

I must report I have yet to find $1 beer. We even stopped at a place called the Beer House and asked if they had $1 beer. The bartender just laughed and said”Loco Americano.” Maybe that’s the brand of beer I should ask for next time.

The Cloud Forest making clouds.

The Cloud Forest making clouds.

Oh, we also saw the forest make clouds in the afternoon. I don’t know how the forest does it but these clouds form and move through the trees. I guess they drift all over the world from there. It was pretty neat to watch but we got all wet from them. Who knew clouds were wet?

Tomorrow, we will be driven two hours to Costa Rica’s other airport in a place called Lie-berry-iah.(The Costa Ricans like to put “iah” on words, I’ve noticed.) I have no idea why the airport is named after a liberry unless they want to let you know ahead of time that you will have plenty of books to read while you wait for your plane. Or maybe that’s where the only liberry in Costa Rica is located. I hope they have magazines because I’m really not a book kinda guy. Maybe they named it that so people wouldn’t get confused about which airport to pick someone up at. “I’m at the liberry airport. You know, the one with the liberry.” I thought they had a different word for everything down here but liberry is an American word.

This is Billy Joe signing off for now.


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Born and raised in the USA. Searching for $1 beer in Costa Rica.
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  1. chellexplore says:

    I love the joke about Bienvenidos – he is always so welcomed everywhere!


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