In search of monkeys

Just a quick note to let you know we haven’t gotten kidnapped or lost in the jungle. Chester really has his heart set on seeing monkeys so we went to the front desk this morning and they booked us on a tour today to see some guy named Manuel Antonio whose place is about an hour away. Apparently Manuel has a nice beach in front of his house and lots of monkeys and sloths around. Manuel must be pretty popular because the tour we signed up for goes there every day. I hope he’s home today. Will write more when we get back because I’m pretty sure they don’t have internet there, being the jungle and all.

P.S.I sent my girlfriend Earlene a postcard of a pretty surfer girl on the beach at Jaco and I wrote: “Wish you were her.” The hotel said they’d mail it for me.

I’m not sure if she’ll get the joke.

As always, Billy Joe.


About billjoehunter

Born and raised in the USA. Searching for $1 beer in Costa Rica.
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